Living in the Now

Don't take anything for granted and appreciate EVERYTHING.  My previous post was titled “Utter Gratitude”, and it expressed how I consistently used to find myself in a dark hole with no one to turn to, yet in time I found myself sitting across from two people who I held close to my heart, ultimately returning... Continue Reading →


Utter Gratitude

My aim for this post is to be completely me. Without using sophisticated language or grammar, I’m going to write straight from the heart. This is probably in equal first with one of my other recent posts in being the most personal and private piece I have ever written. I write this with nerves and... Continue Reading →

“I want to do well in life” 

Short post - but just a quick thing to think about!!  "I want to do well in life"  What does that mean? Do well by who?? Your parents? Your friends? Your partner?  Do you do what makes you happy? Will those who love you, learn to support you?  As I discuss my future with my... Continue Reading →

You’re Everything

Why is it that when we get told we’re not good enough, we believe it? Why do we not have confidence and believe in ourselves that we are good enough? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure if an individual told Barrack Obama that he wasn’t doing a good job as being the President, he would... Continue Reading →

The End of Life for One

Warning for readers: This may be a sensitive subject for some.  It comes in waves. Moments of grief, moments of denial and moments of frustration. I've never really felt this way before, so it's difficult to comprehend what's happening and what I should and can do about the situation. So I'm going to do the only thing... Continue Reading →

Perception and Discernment 

Recently, I wrote an article about change. It has been brought to my attention that now more than ever, change has influenced my life. If you speak to anyone who knows me, or has known me for the past year, I can guarantee that they'll tell you I've changed within the past six months. Whether... Continue Reading →

The importance of family. 

Today I thought I spread the word about love. And when I say that, I really don't mean the love as in boyfriend and girlfriend love, but the love within family. My mum always told me "No matter what happens Laura, family is the most important thing." I don't think it ever occurred to me... Continue Reading →


"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls while others build windmills." -Chinese Proverb        I thought I'd take the time today to talk specifically about something that has been on my mind a lot recently. That is change. Change is becoming a big part of my life and I'm not sure I... Continue Reading →

Friendship and other wars

"What's more important, what we become? Or how we become it?"  I ask myself this question a lot. Especially as I get closer to my high school graduation date. Although it is still a few years off, there is a lot to think about. As cliché as it may sound, the idea of struggling with... Continue Reading →

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